Where Should I Apply?


If you have decided you want to start applying to be a Flight Attendant but are trying to decide who you would like to fly for… here are a few tips to help your decision!

A few major things to consider when deciding where to apply to be a Flight Attendant:

  • Base locations
  • Flight Destinations
  • Reserve System

Base Locations

As a Flight Attendant you are based out of one single airport. This is where you would live and where all of your trips begin and end. Each airline has different bases in different cities across the world. One important thing to consider when you are deciding which airline you would like to work for is if you have a preference where you would like to live. On a separate post I have listed out what base cities of many major airlines.

Flight Destinations

When I decided to start applying to become a Flight Attendant I had never been out of the country and I knew I wanted to start. This meant I wanted to fly for an airline that flew all over the world. Some airlines only fly Domestically, which means they never fly out of the United States. Others fly Internationally to destinations such as Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada. Finally there are the major airlines that cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to destinations such as Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia from the United States. Depending on where you would like to travel to, considering where an airline flies to might help to narrow down your decision!

Reserve System

It is widely known that new Flight Attendants are on reserve in the first parts of their career. This means you are on call and crew scheduling gives you a ring when they need a flight attendant. Different airlines have different systems in which their employees are on reserve and it is not a bad idea to see the options and decide if you would prefer one over the other. Some companies you can be on reserve for over 10 years, some less than 5 years so it very well could be a huge part of your life and schedule as a flight attendant. There are 3 common types of reserve systems used. Straight Reserve is when you are on reserve until your seniority is able to hold a line. A/B Rotation is rotating every month, one month on reserve, one month off reserve until your seniority is able to hold a solid line. And finally there is the reserve system where you are given 2 blocks of 3 days a month to be on reserve, and the rest of the month you have a set line. This lasts until your seniority is able to hold no reserve days.


When I applied to be a Flight Attendant I applied to all 3 major US carriers. My only decision factor was I wanted to fly international trips. But these 3 factors change with many airlines and can have a huge impact on your life so they are important to consider!


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